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Don't Flap, Hop!
'Toss The Floppy Frog (and bounce around the spikey lilly pads)' is the FREE, simple, cute, hilarious, and frustratingly addictive endless platform game that'll drive you nuts. Can you score 1000 points? More like can you score 6! I think the world record is like, 14 or something. You won't be kissing this stupid frog, you'll be cursing him! It's bound to get you angry!

Simply swipe the touchscreen to make Floppy Frog jump from platform to platform. The length and direction of your swipe determines where Floppy Frog hops. Climb as high as you can without falling off the bottom of the screen. Sound easy? It's not! You'll be in a rage. You be crying 'it ruined my life!'. You'll never beat it! We reckon it's one of the hardest games around.

Stunning backgrounds take you from ground level right into outer space, but only if you're hard enough! Watch out for flapping birds, jumbo jets, stupid aliens and a host of other cute characters. Totally suitable for kids - good family fun!

Yes, we took inspiration from the infamous 'Flappy Bird' - but only as far as the ridiculous level of difficulty goes. This is *not* another Flappy clone like 'Flipping Fish', 'Flippy Bird', 'Flapping Bird' or whatever. And it's not a prank - the gameplay really is pretty hard!

Download it now for FREE for iOS or Android.

Floppy Frog has been voted the #1 Game Like Flappy Bird on Flappy Bird Videos!

Floppy Frog is developed by BitBull Ltd, an iOS/Android/Windows Phone app and mobile game developer based in Bath / Bristol UK.